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Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

Outsmart your inbox with high quality inbound call center outsourcing.


Inbound call center services outsourcing refers to the customer service function responsible for handling incoming customer phone calls and offering timely and appropriate resolutions. Customers call inbound call centers for numerous reasons – to place an order, voice a complaint, ask a question, or perhaps to cancel an order. It is the call center’s responsibility to answer the calls quickly and provide customers with a professional and competent experience. Inbound call centers hire trained agents to communicate with customers in a friendly and effective manner and resolve customer issues as quickly as possible.

Our Services


Answering Customer Inquiries

We understand that each person’s situation is unique, so we will ensure your query is handled quickly and efficiently. We communicate with customers in an empathic way as part of our inquiry handling process. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your inquiry is handled in the most appropriate way possible adhering to corporate guidelines.


Management of Customer Complaints

Every customer is needs and requirements are different, so we take the time to understand them and their needs. With our outsourcing call center services, we understand your business in-depth. We then use this knowledge to create a bespoke solution that meets the needs of both parties involved in the transaction.


Customer Retention

Customer retention is a key element of any business strategy. Our customized solutions help you create satisfied customer experiences and improve their interactions with your brand. This creates brand loyalty that makes it easier for them to stick with your brand over time.


Call Answering Services

Dalerio's inbound call answering services offer excellent and precise phone answering services. We provide a wide range of services, including sending messages, giving thorough reports, and even managing emergencies. Due to our flexible price, all types of companies may afford our personalized yet unique phone answering services.


Billing & Invoicing Services

Our Billing and Invoicing services will help you create and process invoices on time, ensuring that you receive prompt payments on all your bills. We will also help you streamline your incoming revenue channels so that they are more fluid, helping you better manage the flow of funds coming into your business.


Processing of Returns & Refunds

At Dalerio, we have created a process that will help your customers manage all aspects of receiving, processing, and shipping their returns or refunds back to them. We can quickly provide information about the location of deliveries by accurately tracking customer orders. Additionally, we may assist your consumers in returning purchased goods and processing refunds.


Direct Response Marketing

We understand the importance of direct response marketing and how it can help you grow your business. Our contact center representatives will communicate with your potential consumers professionally and sympathetically. We can take inbound calls from your direct-response marketing campaigns and respond to all inquiries promptly and conveniently.


Email Assistance

We are committed to providing prompt and superior email support to all our customers. We understand that an efficient customer experience is key to building a successful business relationship with your clients. Which is why we have designed a state-of-the-art infrastructure at our inbound call center in the US to deliver prompt responses to all incoming email inquiries from your clients. and strive to deliver as many FCRs (First-Contact-Resolutions) as possible.


Live Chat Customer Service

As a part of our omnichannel capability, DAlerio will help you deliver quick replies to customers without having to deal with the wait times of calls. As a result, your customers will benefit from prompt responses and efficient solutions. We understand that businesses must offer an exceptional customer experience across all channels.

Industry We Serve



Dalerio is a leading call center company providing 24x7x365 customer service to various Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) clients around the world. Our call center services are designed to help you grow your business by providing a seamless transaction experience and advanced reporting capabilities. We offer robust and economical support for inbound engagement with your customers with our multichannel contact center backed by newest technology and skilled personnel.


Retail & Ecommerce

Inbound call centers help you to forecast your incoming call volumes and understand customer needs in the dynamic retail and eCommerce industry. We design and implement in-depth solutions to improve customer experience that helps in creating brand loyalty and customer retention and increase profit through repeat purchases.



Call center services outsourcing has evolved to assist telecom players in tackling critical contemporary challenges like lack of customer care, increasing cost of customer acquisition, customer poaching & more. With three decades of experience in the global Telecom industry, we have earned the skills and expertise to deliver seamless solutions for a superior customer experience.


Travel, Transportation & Tourism

Our inbound call center services for the travel, transportation and tourism industry can help you develop strong customer relations and increase brand recognition in your market. Dalerio offers tailored services with each client’s needs in mind and improves operational efficiencies, provide a consistent customer experience to ensure repeat business, increases revenue, and decreases overall expenses.


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our call center outsourcing services for healthcare and life sciences offer unparalleled capabilities to manage your inbound calls in a timely and patient-centric manner. We take the load off your in-house hospital staff so your team can focus on more impactful business activities. Our inbound call centers for healthcare save cost, time, and hassles and help your organization do what you best – serve your patients. This helps you significantly resolve patient problems, answer queries, schedule appointments, set reminders, etc.


High Tech

Dalerio is a reputable inbound call center service provider with the necessary tools to manage inbound customer assistance, including cutting-edge technology and a solid contemporary infrastructure. We offer our services to all technology-related companies like FinTech, Ecommerce, EdTech, Startups, software development firms etc. Our call center agents are trained to deliver exceptional call experience and result-driven performances.



Every utility business company needs strong competence to handle the enormous volume of customer queries made via inbound calls because it is one of the most consumer-driven sectors. At Dalerio, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution for all customer problems. Instead, our comprehensive solutions are tailored to address each customer’s concerns, which helps improve the customer experience and build your brand reputation.

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