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Streamline Your Back-office and Front-office Operations with Our Outsourcing Services

About Us

At Dalerio Consulting, we strive to deliver cutting-edge, innovative services that meet and surpass your expectations. We aim to assist businesses in reaching optimal solutions and attaining their desired objectives.

Dalerio Consulting is a global outsourcing firm that provides diverse services tailored to propel your business toward success. Our team comprises friendly, proficient, and committed professionals pooling together top talent to deliver unparalleled value and performance. We take immense pride in fostering a dynamic culture and a creative atmosphere, recognizing them as fundamental elements for achieving success.

Discover the Perfect Match

We ensure that your project aligns with your specifications and budget. By attentively listening to your requirements, we provide tailored suggestions to facilitate informed decisions. Our customized solutions are cost-effective and empower you to optimize your investment.

Dalerio’s team of experts is dedicated to helping your business attain precise and foreseeable outcomes. We are committed to pioneering approaches and delivering top-tier outsourcing solutions. With a demonstrated history of outstanding performance across numerous successful projects, we guarantee excellence.

Call Center

Inbound and outbound Call Center services are among the most commonly outsourced functions. This practice is predominantly adopted for customer support, telemarketing, and appointment scheduling, catering to business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-client (B2C) needs.

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Email Support

Email constitutes a crucial component of any company's operations. Numerous emails often remain unanswered, leading to dissatisfaction among clients/customers regarding the service quality. Opting to outsource email support to a specialized outsourcing firm is the optimal solution for efficiently managing your business's email communication channel.

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Tech Support

Our technical support team is dedicated to addressing all your clients' IT issues and requirements. Our support services are structured into three tiers: Level 1 handles minor issues, Level 2 manages moderate issues, and Level 3 consists of highly skilled agents who tackle complex and challenging tasks. Level 3 support is primarily dedicated to resolving intricate technical issues.

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Live Chat Support

Live chat is an efficient and convenient channel for connecting customers with businesses seamlessly. By leveraging live chat, businesses can effectively alleviate the burden on call center support, as customers often prefer the ease of communication provided by chat over traditional phone calls.

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Why Opt for Dalerio Consulting?

Cost-Effective Solutions

Benefit from expertly managed outsourcing services tailored to fit within your budget. We craft customized plans to align with your business requirements, ensuring optimal fulfillment of your needs.

Exceptional Support

Our agents undergo comprehensive training and are committed to exceeding expectations by providing top-notch service. Carefully selected for their capabilities, they consistently deliver exceptional support.

Industry Expertise

We possess in-depth knowledge of your business domain. Our outsourcing services are designed to seamlessly integrate and evolve alongside your business requirements, offering scalability whenever necessary.

Swift Response Time

Prompt response is a cornerstone of our outsourcing services. Operating around the clock, our agents ensure timely delivery of results and keep you satisfied at all times.

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